Reliability, simplicity, a powerful selection of advanced telephony features, and converged communications through "business ready" digital subscriber lines (DSLs) make PARTNER® Advanced Communications System a popular key system in the U.S. and the perfect choice for a small growing business.
Avaya IP Office is an intelligent communications solution specially designed to meet the communications challenges facing small and mid sized businesses. Intelligent Communications for small and mid sized businesses addresses basic telephony needs, leverages built-in convergence capabilities, and capitalizes on the robust unified applications to deliver intelligence to users and customers.  IP Office provides solutions that simplify processes, streamline information exchange within systems to create simple and prosperous experiences for all.

The Avaya IP Office is a highly modular system designed to specifically meet the needs of home offices, standalone businesses, and networked branch and head offices for small and midsize businesses. Built on Avaya latest advancements in converged voice and data technology, small to mid sized businesses can benefit from many of the advantages sophisticated communications deliver to their operations. IP Office supports a wide range of telephones but the 5400 series Digital phones and the 5600 series IP phones have been specifically designed to work with IP Office and provide small and mid sized businesses with a choice of solutions to meet business efficiency and customer service requirements.

Avaya IP Phones

Avaya 5410

Avaya 5620 IP Hard Phone

Avaya 5610 IP Hard Phone

Avaya 5420
Avaya Partner Phones
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Partner 18D

Partner 6D

Partner 34D
Partner Messaging R7
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Partner Messaging R7 provides 200 mailboxes,  100 hours storage time, 4 auto attendants,  99 sub-menus and dial-by-name directory.  2, 4 or 6-port license card required.  Compatible with Partner Plus or Partner II  R3.1 or higher, and all releases of Partner ACS.
Partner PCMIA Large
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Partner PC Messaging (Large) provides up to  16 mailboxes, 110 minutes storage time,  auto attendant, and can process 2 simultaneous voicemail operations. Compatible with Partner  ACS R1.1 or higher or Partner Endeavor R1.0 or higher.

Partner PCMIA Small
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Partner PC Messaging (Small) provides up to 4 mailboxes, 40 minutes storage time, auto attendant, and can process 2 simultaneous voicemail operations. Compatible with Partner  ACS R1.1 or higher or Partner Endeavor  R1.0 or higher .
Avaya IP Office Voicemail Pro

The Avaya IP Office VoiceMail Pro provides more advanced voice processing functionality for contact centers. It builds on the features and facilities offered by VoiceMail Lite and can be tailored to meet your individual voice messaging needs. Scaling from 2 to 30 simultaneous calls, VoiceMail Pro can handle the messaging requirements of small or medium organization. When used with a network of Avaya IP Office sites, VoiceMail Pro's centralized voice mail feature enables a central voice mail system to handle your messaging needs across multiple sites.

VoiceMail Pro is a powerful voice processing system with an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) and supports message handling for individuals or groups, provides information to callers, assists the operator during periods of heavy call activity, and more. This application also allows VoiceMail Pro to dial you back, internally or externally, as soon as a voice mail message is left for you. It provides security by prompting for a PIN code should you wish to change their Forwarding or Follow Me number from an external telephone. Call flow can easily be customized, enabling you to transfer out of a mailbox to speak to a receptionist or secretary.