The Emerald Integrated Communications Exchange (ICE) is a fully integrated digital phone system loaded with sophisticated features. It paves the way for your future success by combining functionality and value, allowing you to add new capabilities and capacity as your business needs grow. With hundreds of standard and advanced features, the Emerald ICE is ideally equipped to help your company project a professional image with minimal investment.

Product Highlights

Easily tailored to fit your changing needs
6 CO lines, expandable to 42 (with T1)
10 expandable to 46 digital extensions
Supports T1 and PRI
2 expandable to 18 analog station ports
Choice of 14 or 28-button full-featured speakerphones
Integrated 8-port voicemail
Audio Help User Guide*
Caller ID
Answering Machine Emulation
Call Recording Capabilities*

(*requires the optional Hard Drive voicemail system)

The Coral IPx 500 communications server combines all the power and flexibility of the Coral® systems into a compact, cost-effective unit. With the Coral IPx 500, you can locate your communications server right in the heart of your IT operations - an important step on the path to true convergence of voice and data on your corporate network.

The compact Coral IPx 500 allows you to take advantage of IP telephony without sacrificing the leading-edge applications you need, such as ACD and call center capabilities, integrated voicemail and wireless solutions. Easy to install and program, it comes equipped with 8 slots for legacy and IP gateway interface cards and two 10-slot expansion cabinets, for a total of 448 wired endpoints. For trunk and station side IP telephony, add the Peripheral Universal Gateway (PUGW) card which supports SIP trunks and SIP devices as well as the Coral's MGCP full-featured IP telephones.
Today's organizations require solutions that will allow them to choose the way they want to communicate. With Tadiran's new Coral IPx Office, you can be assured that your voice and data components are designed to work together. The Coral IPx is designed as a VoIP switch with available gateway interfaces for popular telephony interfaces.

Native VoIP design (SIP and MGCP)
Designed for SMB and Branch Office applications
All-in-One design for data and voice
Supports third-party SIP devices (VoIP)
19" Rack mount chassis with expansion cards slots
Optional 802.11g Wireless router and switch built-in
Integrated Unified Messaging options
Supports SIP, PRI, T1, and Analog trunks
Expandable using Coral IPx500 and IPx800 cabinets
Support for fully featured digital telephones
An advanced unified messaging server. The uCMC allows users to direct all types of messages (voice, fax, and email) to a single inbox that can be viewed and handled via the user"s computer. The uCMC uses the same hardware as the SIMPLICITY and has a version for the Emerald ICE, Coral IPx 500, and Coral Flexicom 200, and another version for the Coral Flexicom 400, 800, 3000, 5000 and 6000. Licenses are available for 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 simultaneous voice sessions. The uCMC basic package comes with a license for 50 Unified Messaging users, which can be expanded up to an unlimited site license. The uCMC is an ideal server for medium and large organizations that require highly sophisticated unified messaging services.
Hard Drive and Flash Voicemail
Both models feature 8 ports, allowing 8 simultaneous calls to be handled when you need it. For the budget-minded, the flashed-based systems provide a comprehensive feature-set and 3 hours message storage. The hard drive-based model features all the advanced features and 180 hours of message storage.

Integrated Voicemail
Eliminate worries about losing calls or missing opportunities with Tadiran's Emerald ICE advanced 8-port voicemail featuring auto attendant, dial by name directory, and flexible message handling. You get all this and a whole lot more without sacrificing any digital or analog extension ports! Audio Help User Guide. Increase productivity by quickly locating the specific features you are seeking at the simple touch of the help button on the telephone.
Description Flash Hard Drive Unified Msg
Channels/Ports 8 8 8
Mailboxes 64 11,000 unlimited
Storage 3 hours 180 hours 500+ hours
Memory Expansion 6 hour N/A N/A
User's Guides